You gotta start somewhere…

First off, my writing may take some getting used to: I can ramble and I can be wordy. Graduate school got too far away from me. Oh well, I’ll get better at it, no worries…

So here I am, having just turned 28 at the beginning of the month and I ask myself “where am I going in life.” My mind instantly goes to the title of that book that I always talk about, yet I don’t own nor have I ever read it: “Wherever You Go, There You Are.” So here, I am. For the past year I “struggled” figuring out what I really wanted to be (not do) – because we are ALL constantly on that journey of figuring out ourselves, and/or others. We often talk about our lives in terms of what we want TO DO. Rarely do we embrace what we want TO BE. And that’s all future-oriented: what about the now? After all, we are called human beings, not human doings. Professionally, I am a mental health counselor, and I suppose that is part of my “being” and certainly it has shaped who I am as a person. But there’s more that I want to be: (enters this website) – I am on a quest to be a dog trainer. I’m not out to quit my day-job – because I love what I do in my work with humans – but there’s something about my experiences with dogs that has me intrigued to learn more.

I hesitated creating something like this at the beginning stages of this path (“who am I to promote myself as a dog trainer”), but I figured its going to be a process so why not document it along the way. In no way am I aspiring to be the expert, I’ll leave that to Kevin Behan. I’m just an ordinary person who’s infatuated with his two dogs. However, I hope that maybe my learning and practice will turn into something I can share with others and be worth the read.

With all due respect and utmost admiration for Kevin Behan, I hope this can be a useful secondary source among those who have come before (i.e. Lee Kelley, Neil Sattin, Sang Koh, etc.). This is HIS model and the effort and years and years of thought and energy he put into it deserves infinite credit: I can’t stress that enough.

Indiana is where I live and Natural Dog Training is the model I follow.



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  1. Natalie Wolf says:

    Hello there, just wanted to comment on this post, as I started my own blog in a similar way (who am I to say anything about NDT with authority?)

    I also have a fire in me ever since finding Sattin & Behan, since they were saying what I’ve intuitively believed for a long, long time! Haven’t posted much of anything on my blog recently, since all my attention has been directed towards opening my new little dog daycare, but I’d love to chat with another “newbie” to NDT sometime.

    My blog is

    All the best,

    1. Scott says:

      Thanks for your post Natalie! Its been slow going around here since my wife and I have an 11-week old little girl. Its amazing how much a new child keeps your focus. I’m looking forward to the Fall to really get deeper in training. Look forward to further discussions, so don’t be a stranger!


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