A Journey With Trace


I made a quick video with Trace last evening during a training session. I now realize I need to invest in either 1) a stationary camera I can set up with a tripod or have my wife hold it or 2) get one of those cameras you can mount on a hat or helmet. I mention the fact that his behavior changes with the presence of a camera, which is new to him. This seems obvious but I believe there are two reasons to note: 1) the “eye,” or camera lens, represents a predator (and maybe conversely prey depending on where he is feeling his body) staring back at him; and 2) the observer effect, first noted during the famous double-slit experiment.  So, unfortunately right now I can’t show you the progress Trace has made with pushing with my phone in one hand, but I would like your thoughts on his behavior and/or mine based on what you see and hear. I suppose if I am honest, since finding NDT a few years ago, I am trying to help Trace overcome the unresolved stress that I placed on him in the past and likely the stress by his previous owners. It’s both humbling and rewarding working with a challenge and he’s helping me see the light. Thanks in advance for any comments.

A few things I’ve been working on from a multidimensional approach:

1. Pushing
2. SPEAK (surprisingly he caught onto this very quickly)
3. Stalking (this is what I believe eventually will really get him to focus on me and feel comfortable in his own fur)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean Marie Thompson says:

    HI Scott,

    I agree with you that it appears that Trace frequently has a strong need to be “Grounded”, that is, literally heavily placing paws or rear to the earth. His energy only flows and he becomes light when the prey drive kicks in with a jogger or perhaps, when you are prey like (I cannot see you but the camera indicates that you are on the move). I would really enjoy a video where both of you were visible.

    1. Scott says:

      Agreed: he’s got to go from a load/overload state into a steady state.

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