Day 1: Expectations

As I drove from Greencastle to Buffalo I had plenty of time to think about what I expect out of this trip. I came to the idea that I choose not to expect anything in particular. Sure, I want to learn and I hope to address some of the things going on in my dogs’ lives, but I’m coming into this with an open heart, willing to soak in anything and¬†everything Kevin throws at me. Little did I know that the unexpected would occur on the first day. As some may have seen on the Facebook page, I have discovered the last 24 hours that Trace isn’t acting like himself. I would chalk it up to “he’s just tired after an 8 hour drive,” but it seems different. I don’t mean to be alarming but he’s exhibiting some behavior, or lack thereof, that concern me. And I could be overreacting, but its very clear we are mirroring the same emotion, and it doesn’t feel good. And of course, Bella on the other hand is picking up the slack – she’s calm, she’s happy, she’s “expecting” something coming, I can feel it.

I suppose there’s not much else to say other than as I approach a visit to the vet, the emotion of the moment is alive and all I can do is be present. Here’s to good news from the vet and an opportunity to learn that much more about the deepest connection with have with the animal world.


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  1. Thinking of you on your trip and wishing you the best of travels! As I try to imagine myself in your shoes, I would be a bit fearful if I had to visit an unknown vet with Nellie on my way to Vermont for an adventure of a lifetime. Yet, mindful that “FEAR” is the stress of the human condition; therefore, trying to transform it into applicable learning. Keeping an open heart and mind seems like a great approach. Let us know how the vet visit and your voyage today proceeds. With the State of Indiana’s K-9 Assisted Crisis Response Team’s greatest affection towards our own, you, Bella, and especially, Trace.

    1. Scott says:

      Thank you for the well wishes. Fortunately, I had a great experience at the Orchard Park animal Hospital in Orchard Park, NY. The vet and vet techs there were wonderful and very understanding of my situation. I’ll explain my response to it as part of my Day 2 post. Bottom line, Trace is okay, no heartworm (as I feared), but some spots on his lungs indicating an upper respiratory/bronchial problem. I was given antibiotics that will last me my time here in Vermont. He’s a happy boy now that we are on solid ground!

  2. Vicki says:

    Scott I really hope it is nothing serious with your dog. I know how scary that is, Your Dogs are more like our best friends

    1. Scott says:

      see my response to wetnoses

  3. tikaasmom says:

    Scott – Hope the vet says all is well with Trace. You, Trace and Bella are in our thoughts! Have a safe trip! (Jill Cecil – Little Tikaa’s Mom)

    1. Scott says:

      thanks! See my reply to J.M.’s comment.

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