Day 6: A New Understanding

I’ve just got a short, simple response for this day. It is really starting to come together for me in my mind about how all of this works. Of course, I’ve learned how things happen through animal magnetism but all of that is encompassed by a universal system of flow. Even, if there isn’t flow, still, “life finds a way.” When we train a dog not to do something or in a way that blocks the flow of their emotion/prey drive, they will take the path of least resistance which is easier for them. The catch is that they want to take the path of highest resistance because information turns into complex social behavior that way. Simply put, higher resistance affords a pathway to new energy. If I teach the dog the wrong way by not channeling his energy appropriately, such as not to bite or jump up, I become too much for him in the long run by becoming too intense or predatory that he tunes me out and gravitates towards behaviors that we deem problematic (i.e. running away, chewing up stuff around the house, chasing squirrels, biting other dogs or humans). We want to be the path of highest resistance but in a way that the dog wants to connect with us in order to feel weightless. For me, I’ve got to be the moose that attracts Bella rather than the squirrel out the window. I’ve got to be the moose for Trace rather than the horizon that tunes him out and he runs away. I’ve become too intense for my dogs because I’ve told them “no,” I’ve taught them not to jump every time I come home, I’ve yelled when they chew my socks, I’ve scolded them every time they ran away, etc. I’ve become the source of too much resistance that they take the easy way out – the path of least resistance away from me. Now, the real work is to get their batteries going so that they can develop a state of flow with me so that over time by overcoming the higher resistance I create for them through the exercises, the closer our dynamo (as Kevin puts it) will become a self-sufficient machine that creates more and more energy/information that heal, sit, down, stay will be a smooth flow system between us. Whew! I can see where this is so simple once you understand it but so difficult to explain when you don’t understand it.

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  1. Thank you for the excellent post. I read them all and love the photos.

    Magnetism still confuses me but I keep trying to wrap my mind around it. I am glad to hear that is coming together for you. It gives me hope.

    I get it from a Native American point of view as I am from sacred earth. There are places on the farm where you can feel the magnetic pull of the earth differently. It makes your fingers and toes tingle a bit. NASA has documented some of this variation in the earth’s magnetism but feeling is believing. Last week, my teammate, Angie, and myself were at Mounds State Park in Anderson, IN, we felt the tingles there too. Always helpful to have a confirming other. Therefore, the notion of magnetide in inner ear is experientially clear.

    When Nellie and I are together in more magnetic zones on the farm, she seems genuinely attracted to me, not so addicted. We are in the flow. I do not know if I am different there or she is different there or both. But, I can not replicate the zone when I need it most. I would really love to have the attraction be reliably available to us and for the frenzies to be less severe for her. There are moments of it collectedness, weightlessness, and seemingly places of connectedness. It is related to handler “intensity” and “predation”. Yet, I also know that she has not bottomed out and there is an energy reserve .01% still in the shadows. The movement is her readiness to bite like an un-repressed puppy.

    Our paths will be intersecting soon! Looking forward to it.

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