Day 9: Fine Tuning

Part 1

I felt pretty good about my first attempt at writing out the model. However, I think there are some things to clean up on my part. For instance, prey drive only comes from the battery, therefore, if you go back to my beginning statements about the puppy in the last post you will see what I mean. So, first comes resistance which then creates the battery that then produces prey drive. My next step is to draw it out and verbalize it vocally which should make it a little easier to explain. You can describe Niagara Falls and the beauty of it into written word, but its another to paint the picture, so to say.

I’m seeing how the pipe, the battery and the dynamo creates the template/foundation of the model. You can then use this to explain different complex systems that come of it. For instance, the model allows you to understand and explain what is going on between an owner and her dog, or a group of dogs together. From a broader perspective the model explains how everything fits in to the design of nature and whether or not the human and it’s dog are flowing within that system.

Additionally, for the sake of repeating my learning, there are so many phrases or bits of information to always know when it comes to understanding the model:

  • the negative gives access to the positive
  • dogs are never wrong
  • if dogs could ask us a question they’d say, “what do you want,” which is another way of asking “what do I do with my energy”  – important when you are the object of attraction
  • in order to resolve unresolved stress, it has to go back the way it came in
  • nature is a mirror in that everything is a reflection of it’s equal opposite
  • just as space and time are one dynamic, so is the body-mind
  • a dog cannot remember, yet it never forgets
  • there’s no such thing as dominance or hierarchy among dogs or wolves; they operate based on order NOT ranking.
  • behavior is a function of attraction which is predicated on the hunger-balance continuum

Part 2

We ended the day with an hour of hide-and-seek with Bella. And I should elaborate that while it is a game in one sense, it encompasses an elaborate system of flow. The person waiting with the dog maintains the dog’s “s-i-t” with the hider roughs them up and then runs away building up the hunger circuit. Along the way the hider is creating a virtual pathway through the space-time continuum filled with scent, ground impressions, and so forth. This intensifies the resistance and therefore the magnetism of the hider (the negative charge) as the object of attraction. If you can do this in segments along a trail you can build up the distance which, again increases the resistance and drives the hunger. When the dog finds the hider, the dog gets praise and cookies and rub-a-dubs: the negative gives access to the positive.

We had worked Bella earlier in the week with hide-and-seek and sh did really well. This time we did some moderate length segments at first but went pretty quickly into a longer distance. Kevin had me walk down the trail to the end where it hit and old country road. I took a right there and headed up the road until it emptied out into a field of tall grass and wild-flower all surrounded by woods. I trekked through the field and back-tracked to a spot in the woods that would have been parallel to where Kevin and were waiting on the trail. So, I basically did a big “U” that was about probably 800 meters long (half a mile). Of course, Bella found me – it was just amazing and she pretty much followed my entire path.

My poor rendition of the “search”

On the way back, Kevin and I were walking with Bella on the trail and she bolted for something in the woods off to the right. So, Kevin and I ran back the other direction away from Bella about 300 meters and hid behind a rock wall to see if she’d pick up on it. we waited a few minutes and she came back on our footing and found us. Then from there Kevin waited with Bella as I ran ahead almost all the way back to the farm but took a sharp right off a trail that sort of switches back into the trolley area of the woods. Once again, she followed my path exactly. Great representation of the “come when called” except the amazing thing is I never called her, she found me on her own upon release from Kevin. Kevin humorously tells me Bella should be a search and rescue dog, but I know somewhere in that statement he was serious.

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