Day 11: A Matter of Terminology

Here’s an analogy for the day: sensual is to (electro)magnetic as pressure is to (electro)static. Simply put, when our dogs become magnetic, especially with us and other dogs who are also magnetic, they become sensual, or supple. Their shoulders are soft and they become loosy-goosy. This is what flow looks like. On the flip side, when dogs become static they lock up in the shoulders and energy does not go through the pipe. You might say the dog is stuck in his head, feeling knocked out of balance. This is what the path of least resistance, away from the harmonic pathway, looks like. Flow begets sensual while pressure begets static charge. If you take a dog who has a charge toward a prey object, say chickens (the path of least resistance), you can channel that energy into positive flow with you by creating the option for your dog to choose you as the best path to the positive (the food). Accessing the positive through you by focusing is physical center of gravity into you becomes like killing a chicken or a rabbit, or a mouse, etc. On a deeper level, the dog isn’t concerned so much about eating as it is trying to overcome resistance. If you can tune the dog’s mind/balance circuitry toward creating a current which runs to ground through you, then chasing chickens and squirrels and rabbits (oh my) feels inefficient to your dog. The dog will become sensual as it gives that energy to you to absorb. I think I’ve got this right?

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