Day 12: Back to Basics

Sorry this is late (not that you care) but my computer and the wifi connection up here aren’t cooperating. Must be the heat or something. Anyhow….

It is important to note that NDT encompasses the basic laws of physics and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand it. However, if you really want to get the nuts and bolts it helps to reacquaint yourself with Newton and his comrades. People criticize NDT because they hear the word “energy” and they automatically assume, “oh this is just some New Age crap.” Au contraire, the foundations of NDT are indeed based on the laws of physics which began, oh I don’t know, since the beginning of time and space or something like that ;). I understand there’s the complexities of a theory but it is difficult to argue against physics. I don’t mean to get rowdy here, just stating my point.

Here I am attempting to relearn the basic physics I was taught in high school and its coming back to me a little bit. The question of the day was why is anatomy more important to the mind than the central nervous system? The answer: So that the laws of motion will be the means by which an animal composes a sense of self. This is physically implemented via the brain-to-gut connection (output to input : external gaze to subliminal beam : physical center of gravity to midpoint) which creates the cycle of consciousness. In other words, it comes down to motion: gravity + electromagnetism = motion. Attraction then begets motion. Motion leads to a completed circuit of energy. Everything else elaborates from that. This process is replicated by the body/mind as a pipe and body/mind as a battery. So, as a quick snapshot so I can continue to get closer and closer as I can in written form to the most basic form/nuts and bolts of the model, with the laws of motion established,


  1. the “displaceable” essence of the puppy = big brain in head (balance) and little brain in gut (hunger).
  2. puppy’s big brain is energized/stimulated and attracted by the bulbous form and smooth movement of a prey object (the positive).
  3. puppy as a pipe is wide open as emotion flows through the puppy to the prey, completing the circuit.
  1. At some point early in life, resistance is encountered
  2. “99.9%” of emotion gets to the prey and the last “.01%”gets reabsorbed by the body giving birth to the emotional battery in the gut/physical center of gravity.
  3. The last “.01% of emotion gets stored in the battery as the physical memory of emotion that did not run to ground – also referred to as stress or unresolved emotion.
  4. Stress becomes attracted to the negative = predatory aspect manifested by the eyes, stiffness and upright in movement = the equal opposite of the preyful aspect (see #2 above under “Pipe”).
  5. Through conductivity, the dog connects the negative to the positive of the prey, so that stress can go through the body/mind as a pipe and get to the positive.

In both the pipe and the battery, a completed circuit gives the dog its sense of “self.” The sense of self is predicated on its connection to the outside world. A dog does not and cannot perceive itself separate from its surroundings. A dog is only whole in reference to the “prey” it is connecting with. The same applies to when two dogs meet and become one consciousness = one dog becomes a “self” relative to projecting its physical center of gravity onto the other dog. Simply put, the other dog is its body. The same applies to when the dog can project its PCoG onto us. This is essentially the dynamo: by means of a virtual nuclear fusion, two dogs become one with their physical center of gravity being the heart.

When I first learned of the dynamo Kevin showed me two magnets twirling continuously as each pole of one magnet flipped the adjacent of the other and this repeated it self. Its like two electrons revolving around the nucleus. So a few days ago I did a google search for “dynamo,” and much to my surprise, I never realized it was an electric generator. You have the coils coming in from either side and wrapping around the magnet. The magnet is like the pipe in the dog and the coil allows for the emotional current to move through. From the dog perspective, the dynamo is as if two or more dogs who become “fused” become one pipe. The pack of wolves on the hunt is one pipe, one heart for emotion to flow through. this can only happen if the pipes are free to flow. You then have multiple dogs (electrons) revolving around a midpoint/prey (nucleus). The images are quite fascinating and when you see them you can envision it as one dog or many dogs:

Fig. 113. Alternating Current Dynamo


A dynamo we would relate might look like this:



I see how all this stuff plays out when working with the dogs but when it comes to writing it out or saying it out loud, I get a writer’s block or something. I’m sure there are errors in this so please give feedback where warranted. A lesson I absorbed so far from Kevin is that confusion is good and don’t let it get to you because sooner or later you will know the answer from it. There are so many paradoxes that come up and its taken him decades to sort them out so I won’t put too much pressure on myself. As Kevin might say, I have many more Kendo moments ahead of me – this can be frustrating but this is a good thing.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. joanneframe says:

    Have to confess I am confused, but I will ‘trust the confusion’!

  2. honorthedog says:

    Yep, confusion is a good thing. 🙂

  3. Hey Scott, I am taking my dog Sur to spend a weekend with Kevin in August and I can’t tell how helpful these post are. Thanks for doing this!

    1. Scott says:

      Thanks and enjoy your time out there!

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