Day 16: A Stroll Around the Park

My favorite post yet.

Kevin and I traveled down to NYC to pick up a dog of one of his clients. It was a nice day trip as it got me away from the context of the last two weeks for a little bit. We picked up the dog and walked it to Central Park where we explored different areas for about an hour. It suddenly began to dawn on me and came together as a single feeling of how all of this works. There we were in one of the biggest cities in the world, immersed in an environment where everything flowed together. The light of the sun beaming down, illuminating the greenest of greens. The elm trees that reached high with their worm-like branches forming a beautiful canopy above us, encapsulating our very presence within the park. The sidewalks that curved with the grade of mounds and giant glacier-cut boulders. I saw how thousands of people in one concentrated area became part of the group mind…the network of consciousness…one organism. Gravity and electromagnetism intertwining in the field of consciousness. Every group of people we weaved in and out of and every person who walked by us or along with us at varying paces were all part of the synchronization.

I had never met this dog before and he just heeled right with us the whole way. We approached Strawberry Field where John Lennon’s memorial is and I veered off a bit to get a drink of water from a fountain. The dog was magnetized to my walking away and he pulled toward me a tad with his gaze as Kevin waited with him. In the dog’s mind, I was part of him, and him of me and everything else around us. The walk continued as if we never stopped. Sheer momentum from one place to the next. I know at this point I’m sounding very surreal and poetic but I know no other way to describe it. It all was one moment, every word spoken, every heartbeat, every breath, from the time we got into the vehicle in the morning to the point at which we arrived back in Vermont. For one of the first times in my life, I felt so enmeshed by nature (in a giant city of all places), and never considered that I was separate from any of it. I did not perceive myself as an individual entity simply scraping the surface of the ground with my feet. Maybe for the first time, I felt what it was like to be an extension of the earth below me, held together by the design of it all.

There were so many moments these past two weeks that opened my heart to what we really have in this world, and today was simply a solidifying, magnetizing rush of emotion that makes one feel so much bigger than what the mind attempts to reduce and confine us to.

All this, because of a dog.

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  1. honorthedog says:

    It’s an amazing and magical experience to feel that connectedness. It’s like seeing the world again for the first time. It seems like such a simple and inconsequential thing to have your dog be in complete flow with you, but when you experience it, something changes inside yourself, and all of the sudden you see the world as it really is. It’s like in The Matrix, where Neo starts seeing all the code underneath the surface that’s really running the system. Your dog sees the code all the time, and if you’re willing to led him take the lead, you can see it too.

  2. Trisha says:

    Beautiful Scott!

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