Celebrate Autumn

Ah the Fall season, my favorite time of year and my favorite time to be out in the woods with the dogs. I present a few poetic words to be mindful of as you enjoy the change of season!

-The Death of Summer-

When man toils in his fields,
Just beyond springtime’s vibrant song,
How he yearns for defeat,
Of the hazy August swelter.
Alas! May this ancient rock creep;
And spiral to the far side of the Sun,
Beyond the cosmos, darker and deeper,
Where the flares of Helios are overcome by the spirit of Fall.
Bring forth the suffocation of Autumn’s forefather.
Behold the child of September.
The birth of a new season.
Here arrives the Northern chill.
The cooling kiss of the frozen galaxy;
The clouds are thinning,
And the air ripens with the breath of bonfires.
The starry night sky turns transparent,
As the moon and her craters stare down from above.
Morning brings upon the dew,
Waiting for the inevitable frost.
The lofty trees wear their colorful gowns;
Clothed in amber and auburn and gold.
Soon they will undress;
So elegant and bare and skeleton-like.
Oh the ecstasy of summer’s demise!
Make way for the dawn of Fall!
Listen to the stillness of the air.
The dogs, they forgo their panting,
As they bask in the cool nap of the maple’s blanket.
Did you hear the last cricket chirp?
Did you see the fading flock of birds?
Feel their distant pulse as they retreat southward.
Witness the soul of nature so quiet, yet so alive!
Energized. Crisp. Clear. Calm. Still.
Survey the glorious brisk of cold,
As we sing ode to the death of summer!

– Scott Hamilton

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