The Hunt Starts in the Gut

I was sitting out back a few days ago and was taking a picture of Bella. Suddenly, a squirrel caught her sights, tight-roping along the powerline. Luckily I caught it on camera. Nothing amazing happened, I just think it’s cool to see the prey-predator dynamic occur in nature, let alone your back yard! The big “no-no” for me in this clip is my encouragement through verbal and nonverbal action. Had I used this as a training opportunity, I would have had her on lead and presented a rechanneling of her prey drive back to me (i.e. I don’t need/want my dogs to be chasing squirrels). Now if my purpose of training was to have my dogs help me hunt squirrels, then that’s a different story. Besides that, watch the squirrel dangle along the line – every twitch of it’s tail, like a tickle or vibration, registering Bella’s big brain with her gut via subliminal beam. She presents with a steady-state response until the squirrel goes out of sight, then she moved. A little lesson still would be to realize that even in a steady state, the dog is still “moving” via the time and space between and the energy that is flowing through it. The body is still and yet the gut on the inside is vibrating in tandem with the “curvaceous, bulbous form” and movement of the prey. You can hear her sneeze when I approach her – a sign she is releasing stress as the .01% didn’t come to fruition with no complete grounding of Bella’s “squirrel energy.” It’s just a classic example of magnetic puppetry in nature and I think it is fascinating!

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