Kevin Behan Coming Back to Indiana!

From the Indiana K-9 Assisted Crisis Response Team:

“KEVIN BEHAN IN THE HEARTLAND IN AUGUST 2013!!! It is true and we need you to join him. And, it is time for all of us to meet in person! This will be a specialty International Conference for NDT Trainers and other NDT handler enthusiasts (8/22-8/25/2013). This is for the serious trainer and handler who use Behan’s NDT method and it will be a lot of fun. Held at Prophetstown State Park, Battleground, Indiana, about 70 miles Northwest of Indianapolis and near Lafayette, Indiana. It starts on Thursday, August 22nd with private trainer/training sessions and a group reception on a Wabash Canal boat. On Friday, Kevin presents at Wolf Park exploring wolves, dogs and man including a visit to the Park and close observation of its wild inhabitants. Saturday is a special day for NDT trainers to clarify, sharpen, and refine skills at Prophetstown State Park, the home of Tecumseh’s last stand and rounds up with Howl Night at Wolf Park. Sunday completes the conference with a breakfast to discuss NDT’s futures. More details to come, but cost for principle activities and some meals is $350.00. Individual sessions are extra, $50.00 per half hour. Contact:;; or

To check out Wolf Park go to

Also check out

See you there everyone!

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