P.A.W.S. for Stress Program to Initiate at DePauw University: NDT To Be Practiced on Campus

Of course, this is a selfish plug for me since I will be running the program. I think it was a well written article and I am pleased with the promotion of canines as helpful companions in times of stress. One thing I want to emphasize as an adjustment to some of the wording in the article is that “coping mechanism” is probably not the term I would use (nor did I use it in the first place). From an NDT lens, the dog is not seen as a subordinate, stuffed creature that we can just humanize at our own emotional expense (not that the article implied this, I’m just stating it as is); rather, the dog is a living, breathing, emoting being with whom we can have reciprocal interaction and energetic connection. I am happy that the writer maintained my belief that dogs don’t necessarily take away our human stress, despite the fact that connecting with a dog can give us a sense of relief. Ultimately, I see a lot of research potential if this program is effective. Oh, how I would love to publish a paper based on NDT work!


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