Overcoming Resistance: Going WITH Flow

It has been what seems like ages ago since I wrote something. Looking at my webpage design tab, I have three blog articles since April that I never completed. After a long summer of events (my father-in-law breaking his back, my 94-year-old grandmother passing on, and some other things) I have found myself, in NDT terms, static as to where the e-motion is flowing. For those of you who can appreciate that, you know what happens when e-motion doesn’t run to ground! 😉

After the NDT conference in August, I have felt a new energy surface. So with overloading in mind (and tuning it properly), the energy has to go somewhere so I’m going to slowly channel it in the direction I’ve been avoiding for a long time: it is time to go for the .01%. For the longest time, I have felt that a number of other interest areas in my life interface well with NDT but I’ve never articulated them. In particular, I think the specific model I use in my counseling practice metaphorically fits well in some aspects of NDT, as well as my practice in aikido and the principles of aiki movement. So, if you don’t mind (not that you have any choice), Indiana Natural Dog will very soon take on some new facets: “aiki concepts” and “a therapist’s perspective (without the “psychology”)”.

Let me get through September…  🙂

In the meantime, Trace will watch the door…

Photo taken by Jenya Chernoff
Photo taken by Jenya Chernoff



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