The ‘Trace’ of My Heart: Part VII

Well, Trace continues to stay at the hospital. Apparently, he was not a happy camper last night, hates the e-collar, and did not eat at all. Of course, he has no clue what is going on or what happened. The hospital has been absolutely wonderful in the quality of care, their customer service, and flexibility. They are truly state of the art and I would recommend anyone to go there. They offered me to come visit him if I wanted but I opted not to because I know his temperament: it would probably stress him out if I came and left.

Later on today they called me back and said that he was taking his meds well, and was scarfing down on some food. Poor guy hasn’t eaten dry kibble in years but I’m sure he was starving so was willing to eat anything. Readjusting him to his raw diet is going to be interesting when we bring him home.

I’m sure he will be very excited to see me when I go to bring him home. I’m also sure he will “ask” a number of questions:

“What the hell happened?”
“Where have you been?”
“How long have I’ve been here?”
“Are we going home?”
“Where is my penis?”

Sorry, couldn’t resist – I need some comic relief. All of those questions will probably come in the form of pinned back ears and a ferociously wagging tail – I can see it now. I expect him to be very ginger. Apparently, his continence still needs to kick in but that is normal for this kind of surgery. The surgeon explained to me that in a urethrostomy they basically redo some ‘plumbing’ and a suture is made so that the ‘male’ dog can still urinate. Poor boy. Again, this was the only option so the tumor could come out.

I miss him but I’m also a little nervous to bring him home. I’ve spent days researching cancer diets, including the Budwig diet (cottage cheese and flax seed oil), coconut oil, various herbal remedies, among others. I’ve learned way more than I wanted to about it – but I’ve also learned a lot about the evils of Big Pharma, especially as it pertains to treating cancer. Save that for your free time to do your own research on it.

I suppose I’m not real clear if Trace officially has cancer, per se, but we will know much more after diagnostic analysis of the biopsy. Nonetheless, these tumors can often come back so I want to take as much precaution I can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

At home, it feels weird. There’s an oddness to having just one dog in the house. I definitely noticed there was no giant Siberian Husky I had to step over in order to get into my side of the bed (he always sleeps on the floor next to me). It feels like Bella is ‘waiting’ and ‘looking’ for him. I’m not saddened by that – more anticipatory. Maggie (my almost 3 year-old daughter) hasn’t asked for him, which isn’t to imply she hasn’t noticed her ‘Tracer Boy’ isn’t around. The night before we took him to the surgery, Maggie laid her head on his side – something she doesn’t do too often. It was a little bitter-sweet. But no fret, her dog will be home soon.

One of the things that I have prayed about is that Trace be an example of God’s Grace and His ability to do miracles. Something we can share with others. Time will tell, but all I need to do is have faith, no matter the outcome. There have been some very profound ‘God moments’ in this whole situation which I will keep private for various reasons but maybe some day I will share – there’s still a lot more we don’t know about Trace’s prognosis and I want to see out more miracles before we witness much.

I know that I’m not often ‘religious’ on my blog – ‘spiritual,’ yes. But I cannot deny some of the things I believe I have felt and seen in this situation. It just feels like God has His hand in all of this.

We await a progress report tomorrow…maybe he will come home tomorrow night, we’ll see?

Thanks for all the positive support!

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  1. nanda says:

    Arnica by mouth would be helpful with soreness and traumeal internally if you find a tincture..but Arnica should be easy to find.

    broth is good too..if he had some kibbles just put some chicken broth on some good dry food so it makes a sauce..might be basic and less rich.

    “Its not the meat its the motion” that for him by Maria Muldaur?(since you need some comic relief)

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