The ‘Trace’ of My Heart: Part VIII

After a long weekend, I finally got to bring Trace home yesterday. I was excited and nervous at the same time. When the surgeon brought me back she did a thorough consultation with a treatment plan for Trace. Then they brought him in to see me. People ask how he responded and I’d have to say, in one word, agitated. I suppose after a major surgery and constant post-op sedation, the dog has all the room to feel whatever he feels. I’d say he certainly ‘recognized’ me, you know, the one who left him in a hospital only to wake up the next day with some ‘parts’ missing. Yeah, I was that guy to Trace. Not that a dog could be a cynic, but maybe that was the closest example I’ve ever seen. Otherwise, I’d say he was happy to see me.

Of course, wearing the e-collar, that infamous, shameful cone around his head, annoys the heck out of him. I find myself feeling very anxious on behalf of Trace: I’m wanting to ‘fix’ it for him, realizing there’s nothing really to fix about it. It’s just an awkward, flimsy device and that’s it. And he’s got to live with that until next Wednesday, so another week. At that time he’ll get his staples out. Plus, we’ve got him on a sedative and antacid.

On a good note, I fed him some fresh venison last night and he LOVED it! Glad to see him back on his regular diet. I plan to use the Budwig formula as well once his recovery progresses. I will actually start Bella on it as well – it can’t hurt.

We should find out later this week or early next week about biopsy reports from MSU. Obviously, we are hoping there is no cancer and this was a one-and-done operation, but we’ll take it one step at a time.

You know, as I sat there in the waiting room yesterday, before the consult, I just sat and observed people coming in and out with their pets. I recognized the looks on their faces. The knew something about their beloved pet in the same way I knew my thoughts and emotions about Trace. This ‘knowing’ is something we as human can pick up on in a split second without any use of words. Its a deep connection we all have with each other – this sense of mirroring each others’ emotions by just a look of the face or posture of the body. And the ones who were in fear or deeply saddened, you could feel it as they walked through the door. This is not to be a downer; instead, there’s a paradoxical sense of relief in that. You know you’re not alone even when you might be convinced that you are. We are never really alone.

As for us going forward, I’m hoping and praying for the best, but not out of desperation. Its more from a standpoint of doing what is best for the animal and not yourself. That can be a hard one to swallow for most people. Having said that, I do have a secret dream for Trace, a specific one. We’ll have to wait and see if that plays out.

I’ll keep you posted as the week progresses…

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  1. Get well Trace! Good job Hamilton family.

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