NDT History

Natural Dog Training (NDT) was created by Kevin Behan (visit his website www.naturaldogtraining.com), who has been working with dogs essentially his entire life. His professional dog training evolved from the work and mentoring of his father who was a renowned trainer under the dominance model. It was from this relationship that Kevin began to see dogs from a revolutionary perspective; one that is based on emotional connection and tapping into what is natural for a dog and opposed to what science and mainstream culture assumes. His approach is not just a theory but a model for canine behavior. It is important to realize that this model asks you to question everything you have ever learned before about dogs. It requires an open heart and a good deal of curiosity. The model consists of theory to be patient with, training techniques that are hands-on, and then there is the inner work of your heart that allows you see and feel things as they are. Natural Dog Training takes you beyond the surface of sit, stay, down and leads you to deeper layers of who YOU are through your dog. I strongly encourage you read his books and his website, as those are the best resources to learn about his model.

Well wishes for you on this enlightening journey!


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